IP core is t foundation of the Soc design, and it is also an effective way to reuse designs and share resources, the foundation of our Ipp service platform is the incubator license of Ip. It or motes the formation and development of IPs with full ownership through financing the reesearch, cooperation in development, publicizing the IPs and marketing their application. This platform engages itself in the enhancement of IP protection, Ip application prmotion,IP trade encouragement, and it helps enterprises to enter the IP-based SoC design area whitlow cost and risk for the purpose of raising the design efficiency and upgrade the products; standard.

The platform is based on the local IP resource while expanding its access to national and international IP resources through cooperation. With this strategy, it has been building up a quite comprehensive IP resource bank that covers areas of embedded CPU, DSP, information security, computer interface and periphery circuits, digital audio & video, intelligent power control, various analog and RF circuits, ect.