Approved by China's Ministry of Science and Technology, National Ic Design Industrialization Base (hangzhou)was set up on December 7th,2001 together with other six national Ic design industrialization bases in the Country.

The development of Hangzhou Base is focused on three priorities; to incubate small Ic design companies, increase supports to small and medium Ic design companies and provide them with holistic services; to provide more assistance to the well established companies and encouraging them to get bigger and stronger; to introduce into Hangzhou more outside companies and technology to upgrade the overall Ic design standard in Hangzhou. The comprehensive projects Hangzhou Base activey works on are establishment of development environment, public technology platform and talent training center for the purpose of enhancing the Ic design standard and competence of Hangzhou City and its neighboring regions, strengthening the core competitiveness of companies and thir products and promoting a fast and coordinated development of Ic design industry in this area.